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Nobody will work harder for you than the owners. Bill and Brenda Harris, owners of American Dream Carpet Cleaning are dedicated to providing each customer with the exceptional service that they deserve. Our premium service combined with our unsurpassed customer service make us the clear choice for all of your cleaning needs.

Below we have provided some unsolicited testimonials from a few of our satisfied customers. If you have a story about American Dream Carpet Cleaning and would like to share it on our website, contact our office.


"Tell Bill I know A LOT of carpet cleaners & I feel BLESSED to have him." - Cathy Hill, Top Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Realtor.
"Wow! The carpet Looks GREAT!" - Congressman Leach's Office
"I LOVE IT!! That's THE BEST that carpet has EVER looked! I bragged
about it to everyone" - Kim Haverkamp - Iowa City.
"Dear Bill, We can't thank you enough for your generosity during this very difficult time for my family...your kindness will not be forgotten. Thank you so much."
Kristina Butterfield & Family, Cedar Rapids.
"Bill, Thanks for helping us out when cleaning our carpets was so essential to keep our little one safe. You mad one less stress for me with a sick dog etc. You are very kind!" - Jennifer Smith - Iowa City.
"We are THRILLED with the cleaning you did!" - Beth McCune
"Thank you so Realtor, Kay Williams, liked your cleaning so much that she is going to recommend you to all her clients." - Thelia Jas,
Cedar Rapids.
"Bill...thank you for doing such a great job cleaning our carpet on such a short notice! I'm so glad my Mom didn't get to see how dirty the floors were! You do such a great job. It's nice to know that whatever the kids & cats do, you can make it better."
"Carpet Looks GREAT! Thank You!" - Rebecca Schuchert, Iowa City.
"The family room carpet looks GREAT!! Thank you." - Lori Bobenhouse, Cedar Rapids.
"I keep telling my friends but when they already have somebody they think their carpet cleaner is the best-but they haven't seen your work!" - Marvin Nuezil - Iowa City.
"Thanks Bill - carpet looks terrific. I really appreciate being squeezed into your busy schedule." - Sally Stendel.
"Oh my God! It's so great!" - Esme Davis, Dickenson Ln., Iowa City.
"You really did a great job and I'll definitely recommend you! Thanks again." - Diane Norden
"Bill - Thanks for doing an excellent job on the carpets. They really were in need of cleaning." - G. Pavlis
"The carpet looks fabulous" - Julie Steinberg
"Carpets look GREAT" - Renea Dalbaught
"Brenda - tell Bill we are pleased with all his efforts and results." - Dr. John Thorton
"You did a GREAT job!" - Lori Wescott.
"Bill, Thank you for getting to me so quickly! You did a WONDERFUL job, will be hearing from me again when I need my carpets cleaned in my new house." - Sherry.
"The carpet looks great!" - Doug & Lisa Miles.
"Thank you, the carpet looks great!" - Roma McIntosh
"The carpet looks amazing. Thanks so much and we'll see you in May." -
Lisa Douglass.
"Bill - that was a nice job! Thanks!" - Dave Buxton
"Thank you so very much for rearranging your schedule to accommodate us on a short notice. I really appreciate you and your work!" - Laure Mahoney-Willger
"Bill, thanks for doing a great job cleaning our carpet!" - Laure Mahoney-Willger 1-10-09
"Carpets are WONDERFUL!" - Kathy & Wallace.
"It was nice working with you again...I will highly recommend your services." - Brenda Taylor.

"Thank you for responding quickly and helping us out." - Mrs. Speers.

"Thank you for your quick service." - Linda Farrington
"You really did a great job last time that's why I keep having you back." -
Paula Land

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